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No Friend Of Mine

C. Mead, C. Scruggs

You gotta four piece band and a LA tan

You smile at me and you shake my hand

But I got something baby that you need

And you'll stab me in the back just to watch me bleed

Always tellin' me about what you got

Always buggin' me about what I'm not

Always comin' off like some big shot

Wasting my precious time

No, no, no that ain't no friend of mine

There's a man in D.C. and he speaks for me

But all he cares about is his Texas tea

Well I don't know what he will say

But I'll bet money that I'm gonna pay

No, no, no..

I've been milked real slow so many years in a row

I wonder when my bucket's gonna overflow

He's giving me advice like he's my best friend

But all he wants from me is a billboard grin

No, no, no

No Friend Of Mine /

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