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Thats What I Get

C. Mead, R. Malo

Well it's been years since I made all the rounds

And closed up all the honky tonks in town

I just got used to being on my own

Waiting for no one to call my own

But now the hand of fate has laid a card on me

A winning hand I didn't want to see

No one I could blame

I wanted in this game

But now I'm right back where I never thought I'd be

That's what I get

For falling once again

You made me forget with no regrets

What I knew back then

Well I thought I knew it all

I swore I'd never fall

But here I go again

That's what I get

Now I resign myself to you and I don't care

You make me feel like I'm a millionaire

Because of you I gave that wheel a spin

Even though I know the house will always win

Thats What I Get /

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