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No Train To Memphis

C. Mead, S. Wilson, B. Colladay

Lightning struck at midnight with the thunder and the rain

My sleep was interrupted by the rhythm of a train

I asked of the conductor where this ol' train was bound

He punched my ticket then he whispered "Memphis town"

But there ain't no train to Memphis anymore

You've got to take the highway when you go

Them rusty tracks from Nashville lay beside that stretch of road

But there ain't no train to Memphis any more

Well I pinched myself and crossed my heart to see if it was real

Or was I just imagining the grinding of the wheels

I swore I heard that whistle and the clickity clack

As I rode that phantom streamline on a west bound track

Because there ain't no train

Well we cruised into the delta like we woke up from a dream

I felt a bit confused cause I was blinded by the steam

I said "I come from Nashville and I just got off the train"

And that driver looked at me as if he thought I was insane

Because there ain't no train

No Train To Memphis /

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