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Run A Mile

C. Mead, D. Herron

Run a mile run a mile to the river

Gonna throw off the hunting hounds

Run a mile run a mile to the river

Gonna wash away or drown

I was only there for a minute

I was only passing through

I was only being friendly but her pappy said he'd send me to the grave for

what I wanted to do

I should've known when she was so willing

I should've known that she was just a kid

I should've known I was a stranger and that I would be in danger over

something that I never did

Run a mile

I can't believe the story that she told her mom and daddy and the vigilante crowd in town

That Lolita of the country set the dogs out on me Lord they're gonna take me down

I'd rather swing a hammer in an Alabama slammer than to face what's coming after me

I'm gotta make it to the water, ride it to the border let the scent wash off of me

Run a mile

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