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Flava Honey

Just like a breeze

You got me caught up in your hair

from the way you talk to the way you dress

and all the perfumes that you wear girl

Sweeter than candy

Finer than the finest wines

and from your butterscotch thighs

to your honey treat

I wanna lick you everywhere

When you taste so sweet

good enough to eat

you got flava honey, so sexy girl

When you talk that way

makes me wanna say

you got flava honey, so tasty girl

Girl, you've got the flavor

that I want from you right now

get ??? on a licorice stick

So I can rub you down girl

Bees got the honey

but I'm so sweet on you

I've got the munchies for you baby

So tell me what you wanna do

Flava Honey /

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