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Dont Stop Looking For Love

Been so long since I found someone

You came as some surprise

But I knew you were meant for me

When I looked into your eyes

So beautiful and strong

Boy where did you come from

As life passed me by

You fell from the sky

and I could hear you say

Don't stop looking for love

It can be found

In the strangest places

Just when you've given up

Along comes a miracle

That turns your life around

So don't stop, looking for love

Walking around with my head hanging

down, I felt so all alone

And your love seemd miles away

I was a heart without a home

A woman in the rain

You took the clouds away

Now bright as the sun

Our love has begun

And I could hear you say...


Suddenly my dream had

come and rescued me

I can't believe I finally reached the day

Now I can say...

CHORUS to fade


Dont Stop Looking For Love / Boyzone

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