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Crying In The Night

Alone just sitting there

Thinking of you till it hurts

You're young, so innocent

Without a care in the world

You're there but not visible

My expectations become

But do you think it's right?

And do you think it's right?

Crying in the night

For crying in the night

(ooh in the night)

My road was different

There's so much that you have to learn

A little hand in mine

And all the smiles and laughter is fine

Wherever I'll be, land or sea

I will care for you


Each day provides it's own gifts

Time brings all to pass

Writing comes more easily

When you've got something to say

You're young and beautiful

Have no enemy but time

In time, take time

When time does last

For time is no time

When time is passed

CHORUS to fade


Crying In The Night / Boyzone

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