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Just one more kiss

And I'll be gone

I won't write, I won't call you

No more girl, I swear that I'll be strong

Just one more taste of you

And I'll be fine

Girl I mean what I say today

But tomorrow I'll know that I was lying

Cos baby, oh

I only wish you knew

How this feeling scares me so

It's just like letting, just like letting go

And I guess is that's addiction

Then I guess that I'm addicted

And I guess that I'm your junkie, fair enough

(I'm your junkie)

And I guess if that's addiction

Then I guess that I'm your junkie

And I guess that I'm just strung out on your love

Girl I can't sleep

In these wet sheets

Cos I've got hot flushes, cold sweats

And a hunger that's making me weak

So hit me up

With your best stuff

All I need is a bag of attention

And maybe an ounce of your trust

Cos letting go

Is harder than you know

I'm tearing out my heart

To give my heart to you

As you walk right out of view


You go through my heart and through my soul

Like a river gone out of control

It takes my resolve and washes it all away


Don't walk away

I'm addicted


Addicted / Boyzone

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