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Youre Not Alone

Girl you're so sad

He was the very first love you had

But he hurt your heart real bad

He just let your feelings a stray

And on a holiday

Go ahead and cry

Let me clear each tear from your eye

And maybe sing you a lullaby

Let my heart beat be your guide

To a cure inside

I know that it's oh so hard to let go

Give yourself time to heal take it slow

Let's talk as the rainbow colored lights make the tree glow

I'm your friend

I will be here for you till the end

'Cause I don't want wanna see you hurt again

I can be the key for your heart to mend


'Cause baby you're not alone

The pain in your heart is strong

Baby let me hold you in my arms

Let me be your protector from harm

'Cause no one should be alone

On Christmas

How could he do

Such a thing to one as good as you?

Gave him your all

And I know that it's true

Had a gem and didn't know what to do

But baby I'm here to tell you that

I'm yours if you want me

These feelings I've held in too long

You've been on my mind

Girl you know I'll never lie

Love is so kind

I opened a prayer

That by the Lord's grace you would come my way

And receive love that won't go away

Celebrate this occasion

With gifts of joy on his birthday

On this night

I'll fill all your empty spaces inside

As the snow falls I'll make it alright

'Cause this day is for sharing

And no one should be without some one caring


Mike's monolauge:

Girl this Christmas you won't be alone

You don't have to cry

You donc1

Boyz II Men

Youre Not Alone / Boyz II Men

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