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Im OK, Youre OK

[Verse 1]

The first thing I did wrong

Was hook up with a girl who wasn't grown

She looked like a woman but her mind worked like a child

It was her girlish qualities that made me smile

The outside never showed me what was in

And her ending didn't look like it began

Now I know and it's for sure

That you can't change a girl into a woman


I'm okay, make sure you're okay

No matter how long it takes

Make sure that you're okay

And if she goes away

Make sure that you're okay

Now that I got out

I'm just looking out trying to show you the way

To be okay

[Verse 2]

Now I hate to see you make the same mistakes

So avoid the things that cause your heart to break

From a hurting brother, I ain't trying to hate

But if you mess around with her she'll seal your fate

You'll never see it coming till it's there

And you'll find out that she doesn't really care

And it's real what I feel

You can have her ass I don't want her over here



If you decide to stay it's alright (it's your decision)

But take heed to what I say you'll be alright (listen to what I'm saying)

If you decide to go then go now (you better leave her)

Don't look back because she'll only bring you down

Oh, bring you down

Bring you down (bring you down)


Sing it one time

Okay, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo

Make sure you'll be okay

It's okay, okay


Boyz II Men

Im OK, Youre OK / Boyz II Men

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