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U Know (dallas Austin Mix)

I heard you're gonna leave me

I've known it for awhile

I wasn't naive to the news

My mind just couldn't walk a mile

I only see you with me

'cause i know the things you like

I know all that you believe

And all the plans of your life

So take a minute to understand me

To re-evaluate your mind

I'm everything you need

And in this world a good man is hard to find

And i know you miss me

When all is said and done

You'll think about this day

And then you'll realize i was the one


You know that all you need is in me and

You know that my love's all right and

Baby you know i can't be denied girl

You know, ohh you know, you know

Gave you all a man could give ya,

Made sure i found the time,

To keep it all together,

But the way you're treating me ain't right (can't understand) it

Why you're doing me the way you're doing,

Do you enjoy to see our love fade away

Can't face the world without ya

Can't even sleep at night

Gave you all that treasured

And i tried to love you will all my might

And i know you'll miss me when all is said and done

You'll think about this day and realize i was the one

You know

Chorus (repeats six times)

Boyz II Men

U Know (dallas Austin Mix) / Boyz II Men

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