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The Birth of Christ

Well they traveled over hills and mountains

On a cold December night just like this

For they knew what was going to happen

Mary would give birth to the prince of peace

Our Lord

From the manjor what they saw in the distance

Was a misty silloutte of three kings

Bringing all the most prescious jewels to our savior

Knowing he would soon be called the king of kings

Our Lord


On Christmas day

They saw a star in the east and followed it

On Christmas day

That marked the birth place of our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ

All free from sin

Here to give us a chance at everlasting life again

So the world

So cold you better let him in

To your heart

From the sight of the blessed child was full of beauty

As they looked upon the one who would save our world

To their knees they dropped and started to worship

Giving thanks to God above for the prince of peace

Our Lord

No one knew back then that on that evening

That the miracle of miracles came true

That a God above would come down from heaven

In the form of a child

That would set us free

Our Lord

Boyz II Men

The Birth of Christ / Boyz II Men

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