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Baby let me tell ya about how I feel

This urge is seizing me controlling it's unreal

Uhh ahh baby, I wanna let you know

You got me yearning, so baby let me show


Oh, I want you baby, gotta let you know I need ya here with me

Right here and nowhere else, honey

This ain't the right way, gotta find another way to earn your love

Just give me a clue cause you know


Sympin' ain't easy, get on your hands and knees and lift your eyebrows

Sympin ain't easy, and if you wanna get you know you gotta be willing

To cry and beg and plead on your knees

Pardon my expression (you're excused)

But the feeling I have is so strong

I guess you know thsi isn't easy to do

I keep trying and trying to give my love to you


Chorus (repeats twice)


Chorus (repeats three times)

Sympin' ain't

Sympin' ain't


Boyz II Men

Sympin / Boyz II Men

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