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Never Go Away


Come here baby

Let me talk to you

I've been watching you

And you look so, so good tonight

Words just can't express

The way that you're makin' me feel

I'm just captured by your love

And your sensuality

Let me explain

There you are, standing there

Make me wanna reach out and touch you

And run my fingers through your hair

I know you gotta go

But I want you to stay

So we can get a little closer

And do things my way

Baby, you're so beautiful

Honey you're special too

You make me wanna do things, yeah

I never thought I'd do

Like put you up in my home

And buy you fancy things

We can make lots and lots of babies

And I'll buy you a big diamond ring, ohh

[1] - Never, never go

Never go away from me

Baby stay with me

Oh, never, never go

Never go away from me

Baby stay with me

Breathe out, so I can breathe you in

Wanna know every single detail

Feel the movement of your skin

If you are to ever leave me

My heart would sure enough die

So please be with me forever

And don't you ever say goodbye

[Repeat 1]

See you are (you are everything to me)

Can't you see baby

All of my friends think I'm crazy

Ooh, but they don't know

They don't know

A thing 'bout you and me

[Repeat 1 to fade]

Boyz II Men

Never Go Away / Boyz II Men

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