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I Can Love You

If I ever had the chance

To be the king of this whole land

I wouldn't do it if you couldn't be beside me

On your love you have me strung

You are the breath of life in my lungs

And I thank you for the love that you've shown me

Before I go to sleep I pray

And thank the lord for another day with you

You're my dream come true


I can love you the way

That you want me to

My love, the things I do

Are for you

Girl you're all I ever need

And you're mine exclusively

When we're all alone I wish the time

Remains the same

From the time the sun appears

'Till the moon's reflection is clear

I think about your love

And hope that it stays near

I'll take you all around this earth

To show you just how much you're worth

To me, you're my destiny

[Chorus [twice]]


You're all the reason that I live

And all the love that I have I'll give

To you, you're my dream come true

And I promise

[Chorus ]

Boyz II Men

I Can Love You / Boyz II Men

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