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Girl in the Life Magzine

I fell in love with the girl in the picture

That I used to keep

Carried her round in the back of my pocket

She was always with me

I imagine that I was a man of importance

And she had a fancy for me

And I use to dream she would call

Crying her eyes out

She had an obsession with me

I was the love of her life

And she was all mine

The girl in the Life magazine

The first time I we met in an aisle

At the market

She was staring at me

I knew even then we would share

Something special

And it was like chemistry

I fell in love from the moment I saw her

So I took her straight home with me

And that's where I'd dream

She would step right out of the picture

And spend a whole evening with me

And oh how she hated to go

Back to her picture

The girl in the Life magazine

All of my friends used to laugh

Said I was certifiably mad

Till the day she came

And she blew them away

And asked me if I'd be her man

It seems that she went and fell

In love with my letters

Says she's been looking for me

So the story ends well

We end up together

The girl in the Life magazine

Boyz II Men

Girl in the Life Magzine / Boyz II Men

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