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Come On

1 - Do you really wanna rock tonight

Come on come on come on come on

And if you feel that the vibe is right

Come on come on come on come on

Say you really wanna get your

Body on tonight

(Come On)

We can dance if you wanna dance

All night come on come on

We can clear that floor tonight

And so much more tonight

I'm feeling so good

Wanna dance the night away, with you

Hey D.J. play my song

Wanna party all night long

If you feel what I'm feeling

Don't be scared to join in

Come on

Repeat 1

Girl I've been peeping you

And you've been peeping me

Baby let's not waste anymore time

('Cause I know you want to)

Got real close to me

'Cause we felt so easy

The way you move your body

Looks so fine, fine

(You got me hypnotized)

The way you look into my eyes

And how you wear your hair

And oh the stylish clothes you wear

When you walked in the room

I knew that it was on

And I hope that this feeling

Goes on and on, come on

Repeat 1 (2x)

If you wanna dance

Come and take a chance

If you wanna dance with me

Do you wanna move

I can make you move

Do you wanna move with me, with me

Repeat 1

Boyz II Men

Come On / Boyz II Men

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