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Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing


All, all I wanna do is see your body move

I know you want it too

So what you gotta do

Can you smell the bass

Taste a little snare

The look upon your faces shows me that you're going there

Steppin' at your best

Clubbin' all night long

The sweat rolls down your chest

As you dance to the song

You want it, you need it

You can have it

So come on, go ahead

Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing

Oh girl why you doin' that

While I'm behind your back

You're gonna make me flip

And then I don't know how I'm gonna act


Bounce, all night long

Shake, 'til the break of dawn

Move, move that thang

Swing, see you swang

Bounce, up and down

Shake, to the ground

Move, oh so close

Swing,don't you know

You want it, you need it

You can have it

So come on, come on


If you want it, come and get it

You can have it baby if you need it

Won't you shake it like you want it baby

Can I have it

Can I get it baby

You make me want it

Cause I see it when you bounce it baby

Boyz II Men

Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing / Boyz II Men

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