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You Dont Know What I Feel for You

( Mike Michaels, MM Dollar, Mark Tabak, Salvatore )

You are i'm dreamin' of

You are my really love

Although that i need you

You broke my heart into

You tought that thing you do

Would mean a pain for you

But now you realise

That was for me to stay alive


But now when this thing

This just one thing for me to say

Is to you i wanna give

My love away..


Please come back to me

Cos i need you now

I can wait one more day without you

I need you like the day need the sunshine

I hope that soon you love will be like mine.....

I don't know what to do much more

But i know that i need you

Girl you got to know that i need you

I know that you been hurt

I know that is was hard

You said you need a friend

To help you understand

That why i say it's me

With you i wanna be

Together in our life

Together we will die


CHORUS ( 2x )

You Dont Know What I Feel for You /

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