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One Minute

It was just another night

Daylight wake up go through the next day

Will you survive you don't know

So you really gotta pay

Down in the hood

The rules of the streets are dark

Times are hard

You don't know where you start

First be real to our woman

Treat her like a lady

'Cause there's so much

You better now know

Before you leave a crack-baby

Way to hell or paradise now

Who decides

You lived you live in a fast lane

Now you pay the prize


In the night... in the dark

There are shadows in my heart

Feel this pain

Which is driving me incredibly insane

In the mirror of the streets

There's so much for you to see

Just one minute

To think about you life

Now you sittin' layback

Straitjackets handcuffs all around

Waiting for a second chance

Just to get back to downtown

The ghetto didn't seem so tough

I tell ya that it is outlaws livin' there

Live as drug addicted kids

It's worldwide cash

Rules the things around me

There's someone outside who still love ya

It's our own family

You're just a victim of the streets

Slipped down like a hurricane

I told you take a minute

To erase the pain


If you can feel the last of our tears

Take a minute 'cause the end is so near

Things will never gonna change

Thinkin' about this wicked game

Of faded memories

Deep in your mind

Is the place to be

Chorus (2x)

Look into the darkness

The way of loneliness

Look into the darkness

One Minute /

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