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A Torrid Love Affair

the first time i saw a body bend that way i realized that we're more beautiful dead than alive. then, with bloodied flesh removed, your rib cage ripped away - and i saw why they say beauty comes from the inside. it won't be the same this time around and you'll never be the same again. i promise to never forget you. i know you'll remember me for as long as you live...and your life ends right here, right now, as i tear your heart apart. i'll keep your hair with me, wrapped around my bloody knuckles as a soft, silken reminder of the day you discovered that even the softest words can't heal the deepest wounds. i pray that they find you and use the softest words to hide the hardest truth. i'm covered in your blood...now it's over. we're better. one day we'll forget you were so right and so clever. save me from this love affair with broken hearts before it's too late. save me or save yourself.

A Torrid Love Affair /

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