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The Subtitles That Make Mass Murderers Out Of Oth

I read through the list.

It made it seem easier to make the choices - choices make to stay half-way sane.

And, when I walked through the room, I must have been lazier because i gave up looking and sat down again.

Maybe I was caught up in the dance or in the drink, but get this through your skull - don't get caught up in me.

Maybe you'll get another chance...or another breath, but get this through your skull - you've never met me. So, come on.

Let's go.

You don't want to know what i know...and if you make it home alright, your luck runs out the next night. Come on. Let's go.

Here's to hoping for a bright tomorrow...but when they find the pieces, they'll never know the reasons because i cut the

faces out of photographs...and traces of your life will turn up traceless with your death deprived of stasis.

So sleep secure...and rest assured that you're beautiful with trigger pulled.

Tonight I've seen so many drinks i think my brain is playing tricks on me.

You've been the constant.

Constantly connecting me to everything.

So...thank you for the visions: three incisions; bullet blasted backs.

I'm back - this tangent took me and you're the one who gets one more night of peace

The Subtitles That Make Mass Murderers Out Of Oth /

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