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As I, I put my ear to the grass

Oh hey, boy

You better look into your eyes before

The ray will start taking over your mind

But when I wrote these thoughts down

I put your ink before my blood

I get so scared

When I am

About to

Let myself out!!!... Oh!

When I let myself out

And I'm going to sing now

One, Two, Three, Four!

Thinking of things that you all said

I wonder if you really meant them

Or was it something

Just to clear up in your heads

But when they fight everybody leaves

And now I am torn off

But these dreams that seem

To be eating away at me.. Oh!

They're eating away at me

That's why I'm going to sing now

Because I can't talk

I never was able to

Confide in you

Was it true

Confide in you

Never was able to

To speak of


Daregveda /

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