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Skills To Pay The Bills

I've got the skills to pay the bills(x4)

I'm mike d and I'm bustin' out trap kits

The time has come so I'm going to rap this

You Rip Van Winkle now you're gonna wake up

mcs pick up a hobby that you're gonna take?

on the stage I'm known to break fool

But when I'm at the table it's the Futterman's rule

Workin' on my game cause it's there to tax

I'm on a crazy mission to wax bob mack

up to the top, to the very last drop

I'm making bunk from the rhymes I make

I'm selling sex rhymes by the pound

you horny MC's wont you gather round

I've got the skills to pay the bills(x4)

Better pull through when it comes to me

Let it go down like it's supposed to be

Words together like birds in a flock

Yes rhymes on time like the hands on a clock

Well I'm an epileptic, a skept-a-cleptic

I'm cutting up the beats from?

I fucked around and then I lost my tooth

I'm telling everybody it's the goddamned truth

Like Dennis Coffey I'm a Scorpio

Like my man Schneider, I'm a super ho

Making mountains out of molehills and rockin' some mo' skills

butt naked beats with butt naked _______

I've got the skills to pay the bills(x4)

Welcome Welcome back

I don't sell bullets and I don't sell crack

Rub a little oil on my neck and back

Now listen baby doll we outta hit the sack

the original young aboriginal

continued evolution of an individual

got so many rhymes ya know my throat is sore

it's 1992 and still no one to vote for

Well my words are what I'm seeing through my own eyes

a little vision of the truth in this world of lies

when it comes to coming off I like to get my fill

Well I got the skills

I got the skills to pay the bills(x4

Beastie Boys

Skills To Pay The Bills / Beastie Boys

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