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Flowin Prose

I'm flowing prose to cons and cons to pros

I'm scheming rhyme against reason like it was flow against know

But beyond the concepts and emotions that rise

To the interconnectedness that underlies

The lies upon lies have lost their meaning

The plies upon plies of consciousness that is being

Over and over I fall I learned to walk from a crawl

It's not sad it's just the way and the purpose of it all

Now every word that you heard that I said that you felt

Was put in place in the space as they were shuffled and dealt

I steal feels from reels but I pay my respects

Paying compliments and disses and deciphering affects

Words are water as I court her, as she is pristine

Words and mics fall to dust and all that's left is the feelings

I give in and I win I try to never complain

Intentions venture to center and then they set the stage

But I'll remain sane making gain without pain

Staining trains with names and driving lanes to the refrain

And keep it positive as painstaking as it is

I'll never turn back cause that's the way I've got to live

So like a cloud carries rain I'm gonna carry my rhyme

Coming like thunder with lightening timing

No hesitation in gestation of thoughts and plans

Ferment time like wine no ploys or scams

Like the islands dot the oceans in the endless seas

Ideas coming to me in answer to my pleas

Woke up this morning right out of a dream

Reached for my pen and pad because my mind was on a rhyme scheme

What can I do with these bones and flesh?

With these animated thoughts in a world repressed?

I'm going down like the rhythms on the winds of change

I'm keeping calm under pressure like a deep-sea range

I'm flowing prose to cons and cons to pros

I'm like Toucan Sam when I follow my nose

I'm giving shouts to Gandhi, Gravy and King

His Holiness and all enlightened beings

I'll be the one who screams it on the microphone

I'll be the one who brings it inside your home

But the words ain't mine I just pass em along

For Betty Williams and her friends I sing this song

And more ink from my pen and more tears from my eyes

And more crimes are committed as I say these lines

Beastie Boys

Flowin Prose / Beastie Boys

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