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Drunken Praying Mantis Style

Beastie Boys/Nishita/Hall)


Sad crew, sad crew

Hey ya'll you see what they did to me

There was two of these motherfuckers up here

I done took a picture with one already

You know what I sayin' one was mine

So, where that Mike at

Where that little bastard at that little bastard that took that other one

Where you at, come her man come here man come here...

I got seven motherfucking minutes so you gotta make this quick

See home-piss right here...

This is my man right here, word up

What you sham me for what's wrong

Nutin' man

You alright


You high

Alright fuck it them I'm gonna goin you with one in five minutes alright

Enough talk, let's start fighting...

What kind of nobility is that huh

If you wanna find out, try me, Haaa

I know......

I know I know I know

I know I know I know

I know I know I know

Agh yea...

Let me pass it to my man mudfoot

How you feel mudfoot

I'm gonna lay some funky beats on you right now

Yea you can't front on that

That funky, am I right M.C.A.

Aghhh.... ha ha ha...

Beastie Boys

Drunken Praying Mantis Style / Beastie Boys

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