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Little Honda Bonus Track

Chuck]Dennis are you yelling "go" again?

[Dennis]Yeah, what's wrong?

[Brian]Too loud?

[Chuck]Nothing, I just kept wondering why it kept getting louder and

louder and louder.

[Carl?]He says it pretty loud, you know, like last time

[Mike]Yeah like, uh stand back a little bit and go.

[Chuck]Here we go 15A

[Brian]One-two, a-one-two-three


I'm gonna wake you up early

Cause I'm gonna take a ride with you

We're going down to the Honda shop

I'll tell you what we're gonna do

Put on a ragged sweatshirt

I'll take you anywhere you want me to


First gear (Go little Honda, faster little Honda) it's alright

Second gear (Go little Honda, faster little Honda) I lean right

Third gear (Go little Honda, faster little Honda) hang on tight

Faster it's alright

It's not a big motorcycle

Just a groovy little motorbike

It's more fun that a barrel of monkeys

That two wheel bike

We'll ride on out of the town

To any place I know you like


It climbs the hills like a champ

Cause my Honda's built really light

When I go into the turns

Lean with me and hang on tight

I better turn on the lights

So we can ride my Honda tonight


Beach Boys

Little Honda Bonus Track / Beach Boys

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