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On In Five

Force-fed on a hunger strike, tag them dead before you focus in,

spoon feed the impact that you leave us with

Bring denial with a worldwide expansion team brand so deep into our minds

That it soon becomes our history and image that's been marketed well

On the assembly line of our lives, shut it down before it ever starts

Turn on to the weakness we've been raised upon (we'll turn you off again)

You've written up all the answers we've followed them word for word

Disguised as our own subconscious defining our wrongs and rights

No more working on the strings you've made us

Drive the stake into your hardened hearts we're done begging for the scrapes

You throw us we'll take the truth and our lives

Investigate and drain us we've found you out regaining

All the knowledge that you hid, you are no longer needed we'll keep our own hearts beating

Against the pulse that you denied

Demand it back our lives our minds you stole them,

nothing else will quench the hunger that will turn you off

And certify that we are free to find our own truth without you

This is not a test. This is not a test. Yes it has come to this. This is not a test

On In Five /

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