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Джордж Бой Джордж БойБританский певец и композитор

Unfinished Business

Boy I know your secrets

Though you brag and swagger

And you lay the women down

You're the same tough guy that cried in my arms

And kissed me when the lights went down

I hear you married some Danish girl

I'm so glad that it wasn't me

Cause you're like so many of those boys I've known

You break your promise easily

Unfinished business

Fox in the headlights

Tears for that might have been

Unfinished business

Crawling out of the woodwork

You know how to ruin a good dream

See your life reflected in my painted eyes

These memories are hard to shake

These memories are hard to shake

I pressed my lips against your trembling flesh

And waited for your back to break

You liar, you coward, you sleeping fool

Don't you know that secrets kill

Heaven and hell are here on earth

Decided by your own free will


I know how to ruin a good dream

Go tell your friends I'm mad in the head

That I don't know what I mean

You walk like Jack and you love like Mary

And you're more than a bit of a queen

You lie, you lie, you lie

Yeah, tough guy, you know exactly what I mean

Джордж Бой

Unfinished Business / Джордж Бой

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