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Джордж Бой Джордж БойБританский певец и композитор


Sorry about your life

Sorry about your face

I didn't break your heart

Or temper with your breaks

You were heading for a spin

So you tried to drag me in

Maybe you had a difficult life

Maybe you're just the faithless kind

Well I got my revenge

My name in neon lights

You got what you deserve

You sad and miserable life

Sad sad sad you're sad sad sad

And worse than that you think you're so bad

I could beat ya

I could teach ya

But I'm not coming down to meet ya

You're so sad

Sorry about your lies

So who are you calling a thief

I didn't cry your tears

And I did not lose your sleep



Mirror mirror on the wall

Who's the biggest hypocrite of all

I say you, you say me

Either way we disagree

I won't forget your treachery

So easily

No way

I'm so sorry about your face

I'm so sorry about your life

Your bitterness, your spite

So sad

Hateful love, sweet enemy

All over me

Sister you wear a freak disguise

Джордж Бой

Sad / Джордж Бой

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