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Джордж Бой Джордж БойБританский певец и композитор

Genocide Peroxide

Beautiful child in razor heels

Sashays into the room

All the boys they catch their breath

And the mirrors swoon

Now she's running down the hall

Headscarf and a Hollywood smile

She's got a dagger in your back

And a killing style

Love and hate

It's all the same your way

Just another twisted game you play

Evil, child star, movie queen

Evil, sweet charm, Mabeline

Evil, no one gets the better of me

Your fathers rage and a cocktail dress

And a bulletproof heart

Why is your life such a mess

If you're so damned smart

Judy Garland, Jimmy Dean

You tragedy queen

Give me fat girls

Give me rough boys

Give me what I dream


Джордж Бой

Genocide Peroxide / Джордж Бой

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