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Джордж Бой Джордж БойБританский певец и композитор


White lines on a dirty mirror

My reflection haunting me

Dead eyes and desperation

And my hypocrisy

You think you're so immune

Go dry your mother's tears

I disconnect from you

Your lying and your flying

I know you love me but keep away

I'm feeling more like myself today

I don't need this drug

I don't need this fix

You better believe I can handle it



Dark room strange company

You're making the devil twitch

You look like a corpse tonight

So you think that death is hip

I disconnect from you

Your lying and your dying


You're my kind of circle

You're my kind of freak

You're my kind of loser

Let's be incomplete

Джордж Бой

Blindman / Джордж Бой

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