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Джордж Бой Джордж БойБританский певец и композитор

Big Dark Man (waiting)

Someone said that love

Was a double handed glove

But we need it al the time

Alice she's got mark

Warren's in the dark

Because his body's superfly

Me i'm just a sucker

Waiting for a lover

Someone with a wicked smile

What's a boy to do

What's a girl to do

What's the point to underline

Waiting for a big dark man

She's waiting for a big

Dark man

Someone said that sex

Was a physical contest

But i don't believe a word

They say love is cool

Then they must be fools

Because of all the things

I've heard

Someone said that hippie

Was a little trippy

But he is a friend of mine

Jeremy he throws

But he might overdose

If he finds a girl tonite

Джордж Бой

Big Dark Man (waiting) / Джордж Бой

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