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thank you

I can never turn my back on ya'll cause you put me where i'm at so when you call i'll be there just like that. signing autographs giving dap to all my folks telling little kids not to follow thoes dopes.i'm keep rocking as long as ya'll rock wit meyou know the web site all you gotta do is hit me.all the girls that like me you would think it would make the fellas sick but they right there singing not missing a lick. hair braided rocking somebody's jersy from up top to out west and down in the dirty can't foreget about the midwest cause that's where i was found that"s where i was found that's where i live Columbus is the town.i got the pen you got the paper, cd or tape i'll sigh it leave and get a nice big plate of fish cause that's my favorite dishand keep on rocking just like this.


i wanna thank you 4 making me who i am and keeping me where i need to be

i wanna thank you 4 the opportunity to do my thing in this industry

i wanna thank you for calling to radio stations day by day to play my songs

cause if it wasn't for you there would be no me so i'm gon keep rocking on for you now on

thank you /

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