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The Hard Way

I'm moving in

She's moving out to Los Angeles

She's got a truck; she's got my stuff

Packed into it

Just seven months

Was just enough

Of putting up with me

Imagine that

A baseball bat upside her TV

she says she needs some therapy


You know it seemed so simple before

She could have asked

I would have given her anything

And now it's 1, 2, 3

Blame it all on me

And I had to find it out the hard way

She calls me up

She's breaking down

In Los Angeles

She misses home

She's all alone

She can't handle it

But seven months was just enough

Of putting up with her

You're brand new nose & bigger boobs

Don't change a thing

You need some therapy

I think you need some help


She's got a lot to figure out

She's got a lot to think about

She's got a lot to forget about

She's got a lot to live without

So many things to miss about me


Bowling For Soup

The Hard Way / Bowling For Soup

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