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 Bow Wow Wow Bow Wow Wowпанк-группа


I saw, my honey, he looked so funny

Wearing a uniform, attached to chain and ball

I said, hello dear, was there a sort of fear

Reflected on his face, my wild boy's in disgrace, he's just


A roving, reckless, restless roustabout - rou-rou-roustabout

He broke the law and now he can't get out - rou-rou-roustabout

I've seen my honey, he's not so funny

A uniform of white, a padded cell at night

Who claims the glory, and loves the story

Vultures who think they're smart, straight out of Eton art (in pinstripes)

See he's - chorus

Slap that bass Leigh-Roy!

chorus repeats 4x


Bow Wow Wow

Roustabout / Bow Wow Wow

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