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The Movement


Oh lord

[Bow Wow:]

Young and confused

With nothin to lose

But somethin' to prove

My hunger my views

I use them as tools

To refuse for the sake of rebellin'

Breakin the rules and yellin'

Tellin them to come and walk in my shoe

Come and try it

Be defiant, we pump the heart of a lion

See if you like it

You livin yo life culturally bias

Cause the ghettos got a bad rep

And we got a bad rap

So we get a half step in the door, get the last laugh, hah,

No future no past we live for the right now

Want us to pipe down,

But this is what life sound like when thugs cry

And i seen love die

And i've seen the hater born

And pawn as they take on form

As they take on

The world is placed on our shoulder

But socially they never know whats up

They approach us with they pre-concieved notions

At least thats what the homies told me


The celebration, the movement

Man we young and confused

But to ambitius to lose it

You see we loving life

Since we was just critters

They said that we'd be go gettas

This is the movement


[Verse 2]

Like the war thing

I don't know what yall seen

But my generation is gettin caught in the cross beams

No preparation, medication, and vacines

No reparation for the children who ask things

But get no answers,

They just say pull your pants up

They don't understand us

But still repremand us

Demand us to like this and that and that and this

And it has us pissed and after this

I'll probably be banded

But i gotta take a stand

Cause you see what happened when eminem ignored stan

He just lost it be cautious

See we all targets-aca

Bow Wow

The Movement / Bow Wow

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