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Let's take a pause for a minute

Let's go

Check it out man

See man, Bow Weezy right here live and direct

I'm talkin to ya'll young'ns out there baby

I can't wait until I turn eighteen

I know it's the same for ya'll

Man, I know, I know

I'm talkin bout pullin up in them big cars on them 22's

Naw forget that, I'm talkin bout Charlie Woodsens man

I'ma pull up, I'm talkin bout 24's

It's a wrap for ya'll when I turn eighteen

Listen to the hook


When I turn eighteen

I need to ride on some rims that's clean

And them brand new J's when I hit the scene

When I turn eighteen

I need a girlfriend older than me

And she gon have to be a dime if she rollin wit me

When I turn eighteen

I pull up and stop, let my system knock

They all know I'm supercool when I drop the top

When I turn eighteen

I get my crib up on my first day

And every week we celebrate like it's my birthday

When I turn eighteen


[Verse 1:]

I'ma be leanin and dippin sittin on some inches ridin

Get in that, women they lovin my every sentence

It's Weezy baby

From the truck to the drops to the coup to the high 2's

See that ya'll, you gotta believe me baby

The game tight and the bank right

Since fame came in the bright light

You gotta release me baby

I can't be tied up

Can't be handcuffed to no chick at the party when I ride up

Cuz I gotta mingle

I know I'm great with the lingo but ya hear

I gotta motivate, I just gotta be single

And yeah like when I see you

Yea like how you jingle

And yea said I'ma ring you but baby I can't bring you

Can't wait till the day comes

When I wake up

Bow Wow

Eighteen / Bow Wow

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