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Cry And Bawl


Check one time no crime

I hope this gal can pay the fine.... right

Gal a cry and bawl fi the service

I hope them can service

Check one Bounty Killer

And this is Tanya and if you inadequate

and caa get mi wet

nuh bother make mi waste nuh sweat.


Gal a cry and a bawl fi mi service

And them a make phone call say them need it.

Gal a cry and a bawl fi mi service

And them a make phone call

So you feel, A never bawl mi a bawl fi the service,

Mi never like it at all believe mi,

Mi naa cry and a bawl fi the service,

It never ready a tall.

1) Yow, mi couldnt find nothing fi sit down pan

Bwaay a magican, cause everything disappear,

Mi ben up inna every positian,

A try fi find him, but him tyre waa air.

Gal a when mi done wuk you a you grave you a go end up

You little chocho and you salad a go swell up.

Stay deh gwaan rail up tell lie and gwaan yell up,

Just like eight or S you a go ben up.

Come in like a mad bull fi nuff years mi pen up,

Stay deh cry tears a mi pole mi a go send up swell


2) True mi nuh waa fall asleep mi start to make noise,

You gaan tell you friends them how get get prize,

A wonder when you a go wake up and realize,

Say you need fi work pan you size.

Gal mi tired and mi fed up of your false statements.

Gal when mi did a wuk you all out a you sense,

You kick down door tear down the back fence.

Make you all a speak whole heap a accent.

You say take time, mi nuh got nuh conscience,

Cause mi know the work and mi do it excellent,

Natural as mi born, nuh under nuh influence, swell

3) Mi did a cry and bawl true mi did a morn fi you, Uh ugh

Mi go a grave yard fi put flowers pan it,

A the fu

Cry And Bawl /

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