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Fed Up


Well this one reaching out to all the leaders, and the media,

Well this is Rodney Price aka Bounty Kiler,

The leader for Poor People Government


Well poor people fed up to how yuh system sheg up

Yuh issue gun fi wi pickney bus

Pooor people fed up to how yuh system sheg up

Well everyday the ghetto youths dead up

1. Mi ask the leader

Him a di arranger

Fi mek poor people surround by danger

Fly an the roach an giant mosquita

Sewage water whey fill wid pure bacteria

Unno ever tak a look dung inna di Riverton area

Bactu, and Seaview, Waterhouse, Kentire

Long time the MP him nuh come near yah,

And the nedda one whey claims sey she a counselor

Rob senventy five percent and gi wi quarter

Conquer the land nuh waan fi gi wi a acre

Disconnect mi light an chop off mi water

To the Kings of Kings, well mi know them shall answer

The Lords of Lords well a him a wi sponsor

The lion from Judah dem well waan conquer

The eagle an the bear and the Queen an all daughter

Haile Selassie I mi know the whole a dem after

But them a go guh dung inna flames and water

See Selassie I nuh tek fi fun or laughter


2. Some lost dem roots and figot dem culture

Nuh study the past, dem nuh know the future

Some nuh tek telling, so dem end up so vulgar

Dem don't know Selassie I from Ethiopia

Serious as mi born, nuh tek mi for any joker

Dat same man mek mi hol dem note yah

Mi nuh play dem casino, mi nuh play dem poker

Dem plan fi destroy wi wid the coke an drugs yah

Nuff gravalicious like a damn baracoota

Plan to lick Ronnie Thwaites off a di piece a scooter

Yuh think dem like to see wi inna dem hot car ya

Wid dem hot gal yah a sing dem song ya

Dem song yah stronger than them vial and obeah

Mi a go heng Pope Paul wid da piece a rope ya

Jus because......


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