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Down In The Ghetto

1. My pocket is week, my heart is willing

Ah want a pound a rice, but can't find a shillin

Can't buy the chicken back, much less the chicken

Turn left and right is pure gunshot a fling

Every whey mi guh is wicked song them a sing

Now hear mi now Queens, and hear mi now Kings

All over this world, local and Foreign

Black and white, mi naah prejudice skin

Now hear mi mister Lou, mister Wong and mister Chin

To kill another man what good does that bring

i feel it so much till cold bump take mi skin

Mi head start to hurt mi, and mi eyes dem a spin


Who give the guns, who give the crack

No-one to take the blame

And a who import the guns and cocaine

And a who innaculate the ghetto youths brain

And mobilize dem inna this Bloodsport game

Say if you want to rich, you haffi kill Shane

And wicked enough to kill him mother miss Jane

Mek dem say you a di wickedest man pon the lane

And if you want you respect fi long like a train

Well you better make shot fall like a rain

You haffi put one foot pon then concord plane

Hey, you better sell twenty kilo a cocaine


Down In The Ghetto /

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