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Quick Check Girl

The first wedensday i saw her

there smiling at me with here blue eyes

and curly hair i couldn't wait till next week

to make the stop see her at the

quick check paper drop.

Every wedensday we'd count the papers

we'd have a laugh at the people in their suits

no one seemed to notice how she was different

but i did and i knew. Another wedensday came and it

seemed it was right so i wrote her a note that i

hoped she would like dear

Kiah would you like to go with me to the boardwalk

what fun it will be

we'll eat cotton candy and we'll get french

fries with vinegar and get a

plate of funnel cake then we'll go on the

zipper look out on the ocean

and puke it all up all the people will scream

we can have a laugh what do

you say? that's what it said in the note.

Another week went by

and she never called another week came and

she wished she had she just

broke up with her fiance and things were kinda crazy

with her i said i understood, another week went by

and she never called but i thought

about the way she looked at me and said to myself maybe..

i pulled into the quick check at 6am to see the sun coming up

when i walked in Kiah wasn't there. The manager said

she quit she isn't here do you want me to

help you count the papers?.

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