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Wish Me Well (Go To Hell)

(featuring Kara Wethington)

I've got to be me baby and

you gotta be you

Something isn't right but i know i love you

I only want what's best

M-i don't know Is this

some kind of test.

W-Yeah and you're failing

all we do is bicker


Say goodbye

Kiss my ass I hope you die

Wish me well

You can go to hell x2

We were so different a short time ago

Love is suppose to make us happy

supposed to make us grow

But i just wanna punch you in the face

i love you i guess needed some space

Oh well another time and another place



So does this mean uh I really have to go?

Um yeah. What part of get out didn't you understand?

Well, I mean, what happens if I wanna call you or something next week?

Umm, Well what happens is that I won't be there cuz I dont like you anymore

you're stupid.

Fine then, I dont care, I'm leaving

K whatever bye. See ya

Alright I'm out the door

K bye

Alright im gone this is me leaving, right now




k here i am im gone goodbye

k cya bye


ok whatever

can i call you next week?

no. What are you laughing at stupid?

I'm out the door, see ya

K bye god go already.

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