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I'm gonna crack one day

I'll just leave and go my way

They might say i quit

ask me if i give a shit

I'll put it out and place one bet

the day i crack i won't regret

I know it's time to be a man

and deal with things the best i can

In fact i'm only seeing red

everytime i turn my head

empty vessels staring back

life is getting to me lately

as you can clearly see

and i don't think i stand a chance

There's no place i can go

to leave this behind

this fucked up world

is all there is on my mind

this i how it had to be

something's canged

inside of me

I always want to run and hide

dig a hole and crawl inside

it's not that i'm feeling blue

i'm sure you got your problems too

I'm not a jerk i'm not a dick

maybe just a little sick

one of these days i'm gonna snap

then you'll know that i'm cracked

Cracked /

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