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 Born From Pain Born From Painметалл-группа

Never Return

Scorching heat ?‚?‘till deliverance

The tide is turning

I've seen the face

The fall of idols

I must escape

Leaving this time behind

Trapped in (a) stalemate

Lasting lifetimes

End the siege

Broken soul

Forever burning

I live this life?‚?…

Answering to only me

Losing focus to see what's real

Never Return

Weathered by time to lay it on the line

Never Return

Compromise, weakness I can't afford

Never Return

Breaking stone

Cracking concrete

No limits pending

Raging harder

Breathing deeper

Feeling life

Will to rise

Self-made man

Can't take this from me

Bury me

No cross to bear

My soul is carved

Never Return

Born From Pain

Never Return / Born From Pain

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