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Under These Skies

A million times, a million miles

Traveled in my time

There's all I've done and all I've had

Ignored the written signs

The price of time, the death of things

Hate to fade the lies

Fixed and broken, survived myself

My heart is bleeding...

Under these skies

The death of things

Under these skies

The broken hearts

Under these skies

The broken lives

Under these skies

Life passed me by

Under these skies

I've seen the light, I've felt the dark

Mourned all that are gone

Lost a lot, but gained the world

conquered all to come

Sands of time run out

The days of old they cannot last

The sands of time they pass too fast

The bitter tears, the endless nights

enter a newborn day

Stood up to rise, true hearts don't die

wash the dirt away

Born From Pain

Under These Skies / Born From Pain

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