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I Am A Idiot

I'm not an idiot I'm not an idiot I'm not a fucking stooge so stop talking to

me about guns & bombs and stop trying to sell me on class welfare - I'm really

not braindead and I'm not an endtable and I'm really, really quite sure that

you DO NOT mean business, that you're just one of many stupid shouting voices

who wants to play fight the pigs and talk drunk about bombing gas stations

until you have to go work in one that is, friend, I'm not an idiot so please,

please, please stop talking to me about the first ammendment because you're

never going to get on tv so anybody can hear you, and even if you did get on

tv you still wouldn't know what the fuck to say, and even if you did get on

tv and you did have something exciting to say they STILL wouldn't air you

because you'd be wearing your extra large "Fuck Censorship" t-shirt and a

long, long, long time ago, long before you were evn born, the government got

together with the radio and tv stations to make sure that those kinds of words

would never in a million years be broadcast, so for god's sake just stop


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