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Just Us

[ Buckshot ]

Most definitely

We up in here

Boot Camp Clik

On the beat...

TY Dizzle


One Shot Deal

Duck Down in this muthafucka once again

Let's do this

[ VERSE 1: Top Dog ]

(You) thought I was finished, you thought I was done

Cause I took time off to raise my son

But I rep for the streets, prepared with the heat

The Top Dog will rhyme over any beat

Yeah, you rep for the hood, that's all to the good

My dogs get high off Henn and backwood

I got love for the game but some of you lames

Get me sick tryin to sound the same

But I do what I do, carry the flame

Like the last child tryin to carry the name

I'ma rep for my stripes, that's word to my life

Like you coward cops tryin to take my life

[ VERSE 2: Louieville ]

Yo, I'm just tryin to do me, high as fuck

Countin up bucks, baby boy's lackin trucks

Tryin to live through all the bullshit

Addin up chips, a nigga tryin to get rich

And when I'm aggravated I smoke heavenly

Drink heavenly until the loss of memory

It's the Vi-double to the l-e

Movin out where it's warm when it's chilly

[ VERSE 3: Buckshot ]

The god is back to put the r in rap

No R

Just Us /

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