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The Dugout

Featuring Louieville Slugga]

[1 900 BOOTCAMP]


'Ello I would like to meet

some people from da Bootcamp

like Top Dawg Louieville yaknahmsayin?


Whattup all you at Boot Camp y'know?


Yo I just got them new O.G.C. and whatnot

It's madd crazy bangin kid

Yo uhh I just givin y'all a call

to tell y'all how dope all y'all are

You like one of my favorite groups

The whole Boot Camp Clik is like

ya know, just da bomb, y'know?



Is there a caller out there? "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"



Thanks for just makin all this bangin

music for me to listen to, give me "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"

somethin to do y'know? And thanks for

not bein all commercialized "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"


Right, thank you very much

Thank you very much

We gonna keep the good shit comin "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"

Uh-huh, uh-huh

Chorus: Buckshot and Bootcamp

Louie Louie, ohh, ohh "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"

You gotta let em know

Gotta let em know "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"

(repeat 2X)


Batter's up! 'Ville Slugga, Clap wit Originoo Gun Wun

Starang Wondah, D.O.'s on guard

I hear brothers talk about burners, you know them

had gat happy, to slap thee 'pon the streets like ?I heat papi?

But peep it, you watch men, get stuffed like stockings

and wishes, True Two snatch away his Christmas

No hustle, no game, damn shit do change

For instance, let this nigga paint the page

Three men fall, three suffer from withdrawal

Three hit the top, get stuck, but can't move no more

Three rise like your eye of Da Storm

Cruise above and beyond, brother grab your buns

No fun because it's on


"L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga", "L-O-U, I-E-Ville Slugga"

"Comin for you, so mother-fu-fuckers

Run.. run.. run for cover"


Uh-huh, uh-huh uh-huh

In the outfield playin, here we go, continuation

Street exam on my Headz adjacent (gotcha)

math, science, algebric

All you motherfuckers claimin that it's strictly biz-ness

on your behalf, I'll shape your mass

Single deuce-deuce you call Boots there'll be no tails/tales

Just beginning, to leave all thy foes trembling

Remem-bring, that ain't a damn giving

to this Clik, so, fucks best get off it

Wasting airtime with rhymes about garments

You dead, there'll be no war be nuff said

Jet, baby bro you gwan have to break a leg

You can't see, weak-ass close as you stand

That's the type of shit that make you niggaz say, "Damn!"

Think, with your 3-D, ready to broke in Species?

I feed you fools your own feces

The battle, Originoo Gunn Clap Two hack fools

My motherfuckin crew will not have you

I drop lines to entice minds

but then recite mines when given the right time

I put the mood in your groove, you be like

'Oooh he's smooth I like that dude,' correction --

No disrespectin the God that's why your heads Bob

in the dick lick motion, I move these here waves

way back into the ocean, huss bust it off like that

to the Originoo Gunn Two Clap



Who wanna dose of this, you'll be our guests left motionless

Para', I see you shakin in your shadow

You caught up, from our come up, lookin dumb-faceted

Goin for the gold, cause here, it ain't just playin

Chorus (substitute "So motherfuckers run for cover" for scratches)

"So motherfuckers run for cover" *cut and scratch to fade

The Dugout /

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