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Rugged Terrain

[twanie ranks]

Sometime me shout out, sometime me gon' long

When me big up me chest, call me number one

Me be represent me click, like me represent me gun

Pussy boy, test me, me chop off ya arm

If you weak for the gun, kill it, collection

Mommy do this long time like a barn veteran

Like screech and pac man or james bond

Also top dog, or louieville don

So sit back and watch and spark perfection

Me used to be young, bout know me older

Me spit lyrics wrong just like the twister

So know we go, galley wit the one twanie

Pick up them shoes and rub them for me

Lift up them anger, put them on it

Gimme ya number, girl, before them leave

I'm not sure anymore, whose knockin at my door

[top dog big kahuna]

Is it a mom p, who want hawaiian pie, me

Hit the slim girl, and i deal wit twenty

Oversize, i put my car in overdrive

Cuz life is a lot of rules wit lots of signs

I want mines on the dance floor, love the dance hall

My nigga twanie ranks'll make ya pants fall

Last call, for the session

I think that nigga's under the impression

That i may accord to the mp, for some more weed

He told me to pick up some more fine call-eed

[twanie ranks]

The life of the true, live trife up ya life up wit

True, i live trife

We are the one that cough up ya sack

Cop the steele, i bust out the tek

Want one, come out turn the mic down

Gimme money, i lick a pound, vacation

Talkin politickin, i look for convincin

Take a hundred out me pocket, now put down me pen

For are me red, for are me smoke weed-weed and dred

Me leaf's a bitch now, and leave ya light convent

[chorus: cocoa brovaz]

We are the wickedest, wickedest, manor in town

Wickedest, wickedest, mon we don't care

Wickedest, wickedest, how we do

We are the wickedest, wickedest, duo

[top dog big kahuna]

When jah rocks the party, leave 'em your shorty

I got shorties on watch and they don't wanna hurt nobody

Worldwide, givin you the chance to decide

If the place to be is on my muthafuckin side

I let it slide, to a whole world of disorder

Give you order, put your ass under water

Despite, we know god don't like ugly

But is it ugly, when nature becomes of me

[twanie ranks]

After the party, gather my target

Me have two, gather, me don't know which one to hit

So sexy, sexy girl in the air

When will ya come, will ya come out wit a stare

Push up ya face and lift up ya feet

And when will they come, i'm comin and creepin

Irie, you my collar irie, when i gotta come to a nation

Give the people what the people want

Watch me now, watch me now, watch me now

Cuz me lickin at them head, lickin at they back

Keep the girl locked down just like two partner

Action, ready for injection

Pull up ya leave, put down ya turban

Call me a bad man, and me no bust carbon

A long time me ban, i live in the brooklyn

[top dog big kahuna]

A what do dem, a what do dem dem dem, a who a dem, a who a dem dem dem

You didn't know-oh, i thought i told you so-oh

I be the three from o.g.c., runnin things wit twanie, touch me

That's why your skin out be burn, you must learn

While we dub ya assess in the urn


Rugged Terrain /

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